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Smith & Wesson

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Smith & Wesson is a U.S.-based leader in firearm manufacturing and design, delivering a broad portfolio of quality firearms related products and training to the consumer, law enforcement and military markets. The company's brands include Smith & Wesson, M&P and Thompson/Center Arms. (NASDAQ: SWCH)

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  1. Firearms
  2. Law Enforcement Products & Services
  3. Training and Safety Equipment
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  1. Paul Pluff
  1. M&P by Smith & Wesson
  2. Thompson/Center Arms
  3. Performance Center by Smith & Wesson
Show Specials (26)
Don & Kandi Kisky
Category: Celebrity Appearances
Join the co-hosts of "Whitetail Freaks" at the S&W Booth #13731. Highly acclaimed and accomplished hunters, Don & Kandi have over 35 years of combined hunting experience hunting whitetails across North America. Meet them on Wed, 9:00-10:00A.
Doug Koenig
Category: Celebrity Appearances
Smith & Wesson is pleased to have Doug Koenig, a shooter that has dominated the NRA Bianchi Cup and The Masters. Known as the "best all-around" shooter in the world, Doug takes his S&W 1911's to the winner's circle time and time again. A family man with a passion for hunting and the outdoors, Doug is dedicated to introducing juniors to the hunting & shooting sport. Stop by Booth #13731. Hours: Tues, 11:00-12:00P, Wed, 11:00-12:00P, Thurs, 10:00-11:00A and Fri, 10:00-11:00A.
Eva & Jim Shockey
Category: Celebrity Appearances
S&W welcomes Jim & Eva Shockey, host and co-host of "Jim Shockey's Hunting Adventure". Jim, an award winning author, wild life photographer and wilderness guide, along with his daugher Eva, an avid huntswoman and conservationist will be signing autographs at the S&W Booth #13731 on Tues, 4:00-5:00P and Thurs, 2:30-3:30P.
Greg Zipadell
Category: Celebrity Appearances
Coming from the world of NASCAR racing, Greg is also passionate about the great outdoors and the shooting sports industry. You can see Greg on "Drop Zone TV" where he educates and shares his love for the sport with his many viewers. Visit him at the S&W Booth #13731 on Wed, 1:00-2:00P.
Gregg Ritz
Category: Celebrity Appearances
S&W is pleased to welcome Gregg Ritz, a highly respected and accomplished hunter. You can see him in action on "Gregg Ritz's Hunt Masters" and "White Tail Country" TV. Stop by for his autograph on Thurs, 11:00-12:00P.
Hal Shaffer
Category: Celebrity Appearances
A veteran of outdoor TV and radio, a diehard bear hunter and a skilled gunsmith, Hal has perfected the "Thompson/Center TKO" by taking his trophies with one clean shot! Watch him on "Drop Zone TV". Stop by the S&W Booth and say hello on Wed, 1:00-2:00P.
In the Chamber with Smith & Wesson - live podcast
Category: Celebrity Appearances
Smith & Wesson will offer audiences an up close and personal view of SHOT Show 2014 through a live video feed from the floor of the S&W booth #13731. Entitled "Inside the Chamber with Smith & Wesson", this live broadcast program will be hosted on its website, www.smith-wesson.com/shotshow on Jan 13-17, from 4:00-5:00P PST. Hosted by Gary Giudice, scheduled guests include James Debney, President & CEO of S&W, world-renowned professional shooters, key industry leaders and S&W Product Managers.
James Brion
Category: Celebrity Appearances
An experienced outfitter, videographer, producer and consultant, James currently co-hosts "Nosler's Magnum TV" on the Outdoor Channel. Stop by for your autograph at the S&W Booth #13731 on Wed, 2:00-3:00P.
Jim Scoutten
Category: Celebrity Appearances
Jim, a life-long advocate for the firearms industry and host of "Shooting USA" will be signing autographs and broadcasting live in the S&W Booth. A career journalist and staunch supporter of our 2nd Amendment Rights, Jim will be available for autographs on Tues, 2:30-3:30P, Wed, 4:00-5:00P Thurs, 12:00-1:00P and Fri, 9:00-10:00A.
John Scoutten
Category: Celebrity Appearances
Producer and popular personality on the Outdoor Channel's "Shooting USA", John Scoutten brings the latest news from behind the scenes in the shooting sports and firearms industry. John will be available to meet and greet at the S&W Booth on Tues, 2:30-3:30P, Wed, 3:00-4:00P, Thurs, 12:00-1:00P and Fri, 2:00-3:00P.
Josh Lentz
Category: Celebrity Appearances
A man who knows how to shoot a six-shooter, Josh Lentz is known for his prowess with Smith & Wesson revolvers. He dominates with a wheel gun in action shooting events old school style, most often competing with iron sights and speed loaders. Watch Josh compete and win in S&W blue in USPSA, IDPA, ICORE and all steel target events. Meet Josh at the S&W Booth #13731 on Tues, 9:00-10:00A, Wed & Thurs at 10:00-11:00A and Fri 12:00-1:00P.
Julie Golob
Category: Celebrity Appearances
S&W is proud to host Julie Golob, Smith & Wesson Team Shooter & Captain, author, veteran, wife and mother. In a career that has spanned over 20 years, Julie has won world and national titles in 7 different shooting sports with everything from highly customized S&W 1911's to stock, out-of-the box M&P's. Meet & greet with Julie at the S&W Booth #13731. Hours: Tues - 8:30-10:00A, Wed 8:30 - 10:00A & 2:00-3:00P, Thurs - 11:00-12:00P & 3:30-5:00P and Fri - 10:00-11:00A &1:00-2:00P
Les Johnson
Category: Celebrity Appearances
The host of award winning "Predator Quest", an accomplished coyote caller and winner of many prestigious industry awards. Les has honed his skills as an outdoorsman and passionate predator hunter. Visit him at Booth #13731 on Thur, 10:00-11:00A.
Mark, Terry, Taylor & Matt Drury
Category: Celebrity Appearances
S&W is pleased to host the Drury Outdoor Team. Their popular shows include "Bow Madness", "Wildlife Obsession" and "Dream Season, The Journey". Come by Booth #13731 for their autographs on Wed, 3:00-4:00P.
Michael Waddell
Category: Celebrity Appearances
The popular host of "The Bone Collector" and "Real Tree Road Trips", Michael shares his love and passion for the great outdoors with fans of all ages across the country. Stop by the S&W Booth #13731 on Tues, 10:00-11:00A.
Mike Irvine
Category: Celebrity Appearances
Host of the Outdoor Channel's "Impossible Shots", Mike Irvine covers the extraordinary and amazing skills of the world's best professional Exhibition shooters. A competitive shooter himself, Mike is able to combine his love of broadcasting with that of competitive shooting sports. Stop by and visit him on Tues, 3:30-5:00P, Wed, 3:00-4:00P, Thurs, 3:30-5:00P and Fri, 2:00-3:00P.
Molly Smith
Category: Celebrity Appearances
This young woman knows how to shoot a pistol! As Junior Captain of Team S&W, and a top contender in the junior division with her S&W revolvers, she is also an articulate ambassador for the younger generation. Whether she's writing about her competition experiences on her blog, or representing the 2nd Amendment in mock trials at school, Molly is a force to reckon with. Meet her in Booth #13731. Hours: Tues, 12:00-1:00P, Wed, 12:00-1:00P, Thurs, 1:00-2:30P and Fri, 11:00-12:00P
Pat & Nicole Reeve
Category: Celebrity Appearances
Hunting is a way of life for Pat and Nicole Reeve from the reality based hunting show "Driven". The couple lives and breathes the opportunity to travel the world chasing big game together, but agrees that whitetail deer is what they love hunting the most. Come by the S&W booth Friday 12:30-1:30P.
Ralph & Vicki Cianciarulo
Category: Celebrity Appearances
S&W is proud to host Ralph & Vicki, passionate hunters and spokespersons for the hunting community who have traveled the world over for the adventure and thrill of the hunt. Meet and greet them at the S&W Booth #13731 on Tues, 11:00-12:00P.
Randi Rogers
Category: Celebrity Appearances
For the first time, Smith & Wesson welcomes Randi Rogers! From dominating Cowboy Action shooting to multi-time world and national championships in modern style shooting sports, Randi, A.K.A. Holy Terror is definitely what you call a top shot! Competing and winning in several disciplines, look for Randi on the range in S&W blue while she races with the M&P line. Stop by Booth #13731. Hours: Tues, 2:30-4:00P, Wed, 12:00-1:00P & 2:00-3:00P, Thurs, 8:30-10:00A and Fri, 11:00-12:00P & 1:00-2:00P
Rob Dunham
Category: Celebrity Appearances
A Canadian outfitter with over 20 years of outfitting and guiding experience under his belt, Rob has had numerous hunting adventures from the backwoods of Canada to the far reaches of Africa. Meet him at the S&W Booth #13731 on Wed, from 12:00-1:00P and 2:00-3:00P.
Stan Potts
Category: Celebrity Appearances
A hunter with over 40 years of experience, Stan hosts the "Matthews' Dominant Bucks" and co-hosts "Hunt Masters". A serious whitetail deer hunter, Stan also enjoys the pursuit of elk, moose, grizzlies, mule deer, antelope and turkey. Stop by Booth #13731 on Wed, 11:00-12:00P.
The Miculeks - Jerry, Kay & Lena
Category: Celebrity Appearances
Meet & greet with the Miculek family at S&W Booth #13731. Jerry, one of the most decorated shooters in the world and holder of several incredible world records, his wife Kay, a multi-national and world champion who has been a force to reckon with in the shooting sports industry along with their daughter Lena, a triple threat who is already tearing up the range with the S&W M&P series revolvers & pistols. Hours: Tues. - 12:00-2:30P, Wed. - 10:00-11:00A and Thurs. 8:30-10:00A & 1:00-2:30P
Tim Herald
Category: Celebrity Appearances
A big game hunter for over 30 years, Tim has written hundreds of magazine articles and has worked as a marketing manager for many major outdoor companies. His true passion lies in making quality outdoor TV shows. Come in and say hello to him at the S&W Booth #13731 on Wed, from 12:00-1:00 and 2:00-3:00P.
Trevor Baucom
Category: Celebrity Appearances
Smith & Wesson is pleased to host Trevor Baucom, an avid hunter, family man and former military blackhawk pilot who was paralyzed in a crash while serving in Afghanistan. Serving as an inspiration to many, Trevor's contagious winning attitude and work with shooting sports organizations is opening doors for the disabled and other wounded warriers to join in. Meet & greet Trevor in Booth #13731. Hours: Tues, 10:00-11:00A, Wed, 4:00-5:00P, Thurs, 11:00-12:00P and Fri, 9:00-10:00A.
Wade Middleton
Category: Celebrity Appearances
Wade Middleton is the President and Co-owner of Careco TV where he produces or hosts such shows as "Yamaha's Whitetail Diaries", "Garmin's Americana Outdoors" and "Cabela's Deer GearTV". He has been hunting for nearly 40 years and had his first outdoor tv show over 20 years ago. He enjoys both hunting and fishing but his true passion is whitetail hunting. Visit him in the S&W Booth on Thurs, 3:30-4:30P.